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About Us

Therahospital is innovation, we are a company specialized in the sale and distribution of equipment and medical supplies at the forefront of technology focused on offering quality technological solutions that provide added value.


We provide all health professionals and patients with the best experience by placing technology and innovation at their disposal.


To be a benchmark company, committed to incorporating technology and innovation through our human resources for the benefit of both health personnel and patients.

Community Shared Values

Living in a connected world, and with the advent of disruptive technologies, THERAHOSPITAL continues developing aids program for the community , inserting education in risk groups, encouraging education in biotechnology in youngs rising stars and participating in development of regional policies that will bring healthiness and well being in the community. Being part of the system that brings back the information that helps visualize their needs and be participants of the changes. What we do is what we will be.


The most qualified, skillful and professional staff

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