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Therahospital brings a new approach of healthcare services and best quality products oriented to the patient safety and wellness, and healthcare worker protection. Distribution of medical protection equipment, medical electronic devices, IT solutions and hospital and small clinics appliances and medical devices.


OEM generic products as gowns, masks, gloves, hats, shoe covers, protection goggles chosen with high precision standards and directed to the user needs. Critical Care electronic medical devices, as beds, monitors, sensors, and artificial intelligences devices. Medical protection equipment, hospital equipment.

We are proud to introduce inhaled sedation to intensive care, a paradigm shift in the care of critically ill patients.

Through the results obtained in the pivotal study with Sedaconda (isoflurane) and Sedaconda ACD*, we have laid the foundation for inhaled sedation in intensive care.

By this, we have also taken a major step closer to our vision – to make inhaled sedation a standard therapy in intensive care.

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Sedana Medical Research Programs or Research Grant :


ECMOLIFE EXTRACORPOREAL ECMO MACHINE :  2021 New product innovation Award, Frost & Sullivan BEST Practices Award. For Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal .  Only device available in the marquet with an integrated back-up system that acts as a perfectly functioning replacement in caseof failure, ensuring increased patient safety, , with Fosforilcolyne  coated  cirrcuit  wich reduce platelets consumption.


ECMOLIFE endovascular Heater Cooler and Free Life  Warming sistem .

Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiovascular Canula , coated with fosforilcoline which reduce platelets consumptions.

Oxygenator membrane: ECMO Modules and Tubing Set for Adult, pediatric and neonatal

Landing Monitor:  in Operation Room and Critical Area: THE SOLUTION TO MONITOR THE COMPLEX INTERACTION BETWEEN MEMBRANE LUNG AND NATIVE LUNG, The Landing monitor provides a continuous measurement of the oxygen transfer from the ML (Membrane Lung), combined with hemoglobin level, venous oxygen saturation and arterial oxygen saturation. Moreover, the Landing ECMO monitor provides hemodynamics data about circulation through the ECMO system, with blood flow, pre-oxygenator pressure and post-oxygenator pressure.

Landing offers a complete real-time monitoring in CPB, for a patient tailored perfusion. With a complete range of measured and calculated parameters, considering both arterial and venous sides, it provides all the key monitoring information for an assessment of the patient status. The recently added CO2-related parameters make Landing a state-of-the-art Blood Gas Monitoring (BGM) in Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB).

Operation Room Centrifugue Membrane for Extracorporeal Circulation :


The needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients drive us towards an increasingly functional design that goes hand in hand with technological development.

Thus, Eurosets has filed over 40 patents and is the only company in the world that produces an oxygenator for extracorporeal circulation that can reduce the concentration of lipid and leukocyte particles, which are responsible for ischemic and multi-organ damage.

This innovation driven by unmet needs is a process that makes Eurosets patents special.

Euroset Product News :

Noninvasive Ventilation Mask :


Since 2008. KNGMED Medical Has been manufactoring in the medical sector ISO 13485 Quality Management System and CE Certification proved the production quality. As the first and only manufacturer that produces the product in Turkey without compromising on quality and Bussiness ethics continues topursue sectoral activities.


Portable Bronchoscopy  

Steriscope I: Single Use Brocnchoscope: Portable, user friendly, ligh weight, ergonomics, Flexible, single use, Pulmonary friendly bipsy and mucus sample. Cost Effective. Portable Bronchoscope to the patient bedside in Critical Care , Operationa Room and Emergency Department.


Disposable cuff pressure monitor and stabilizer for mechanically ventilated patients.


It continuously monitors and regulates the cuff pressure and lights an alarm if it is unable to maintain the correct pressure. It requires practically no attention from the nurses after fast and simple initial setup, except from response to alarm indication.

We develop innovative medical devices to greatly improve patient care while reducing personnel workload in Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms and Anesthesia.

Our devices are used worldwide by physicians and nurses to achieve unsurpassed patient safety, staff productivity and workflow efficiency, yet are readily integrated in existing procedural protocols.

Rectosigmoidscope ,  Hemorroidal Ligators , Anoscoscope

The Sapi Med line of rectoscopes is built on a series of separate components, packaged in different solutions to meet the different needs of each specialist.

Elastic band ligation of haemorrhoids is a para-surgical technique that can represent a viable alternative to the different surgical interventions for the treatment of haemorrhoidal pathology.

The self-illuminating anoscopes made by Sapi Med are CE-marked diagnostic and operating devices, designed to ensure maximum practicality for healthcare professionals and, thanks to their atraumatic profile which allows a greater ease of introduction, the best possible comfort for the patient.


AntroSond: Anal Fistule Suture : The Antrosond device is sterile and disposable, designed to explore fistulas and simultaneously introduce silicon drains for slow traction of the sphincter.

Flexible Single Use Ureteroscope

Be Care; Oral Care. Unique 360 degrees atraumatic brush. B-Care Oral Care is an innovative approach to oral care for intubated hospital patients.

Tracheseal: This unique post-decannulation tracheostomy wound dressing accelerates the healing process and offers greater patient comfort following the removal of a tracheostomy tube.

FlexiOH® is the first of its kind- an orthopedic immobilizer that has the rigidity to hold the fractured part as well as ensuring proper skin ventilation. FlexiOH® comes as an easy to fix wearable material on the injured part. After wearing, light treatment completes the curing process and makes the FlexiOH® rigid. This process is quick and only takes 3-10 minutes, depending on the size of FlexiOH® immobilizer. After the course of therapy, FlexiOH® can be removed without the use of any other external cast cutter or spreader.

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