Therahospital was present in the Eurosets “Colibr√¨” Presentation in Milan, the Lightest and Most Compact ECLS System in the Market Which May Be Transported Even in a Backpack

Eurosets, one of our Worlwide International Partners, Manufacturer company based in Medolla (Italy) leader in the development, production, and commercialization of advanced medical devices, announced during the 36th European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS) annual meeting (Milan, 5th-8th October 2022) the launch of Colibrì, the lightest extracorporeal life support (ECLS) system available in the market.

Colibrì complements and expands Eurosets ECLS portfolio with the objective to provide temporary support to patients suffering from ventricular failure, cardiac arrest, or respiratory failure in a variety of different applications, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (E-CPR), and mechanical circulatory support (MCS).

Featuring a fully magnetic-levitating centrifugal pump that covers adult, paediatric and new-born patients, a series of advanced monitoring capabilities, and a complete integration with ECMOLife, Colibrì is the lightest device available in the market. The breakthrough device developed by Eurosets is also the only one equipped with a wi-fi connection that allows innovative remote monitoring, thereby ensuring greater patient safety and easier management for healthcare professionals. In addition to that, a set of unique transport accessories, designed to perform ECLS even in the most difficult scenarios, makes Colibrì the only device available in the market truly able to perform ECLS treatments everywhere there is a life to save.

“Two years after the successful launch of ECMOLife, that supported more than 3.000 critically ill patients in more than 40 countries worldwide, Eurosets portfolio expands with the launch of Colibr√¨, an innovative system with the potential to revolutionize the standard of care,”¬†said Antonio Petralia, CEO and Executive Vice President of Eurosets.¬†“Our vision is to reimagine ECLS treatments while responding to diverse medical needs through meaningful innovation and Colibr√¨ is fully in line with these core beliefs.”

Colibrì is currently being introduced in a selected number of European centers as part of a controlled launch, after which a full international commercial release will follow upon achievement of local approvals. 

Anya Dutary, our International Sales Director, representing Therahospital participate in this magnum event, organized by Euroset in Milan. –“we are happy and waiting ¬†for the opportunity to bring this innovative and portable technology to our clients in Central America and the Caribbean“-¬†

Colibrì is the the lightest system with gold standard features and unique advanced technologies for unlimited ECLS clinical applications.

Everywhere there is a life to save.

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